Map Name: 2023-2024 Legacy High School Continuous Improvement Plan
Time Period: 5/1/2023 - 4/30/2024

Empower every learner to thrive


Together, our strong relationships build inclusive, collaborative, and innovative environments that create agency and inspire a passion for learning, excellence, and discovery


Excellence, Innovation, Inclusion and Leadership

Standards Based Ed
Equality in Grading
Disciplinary Literacy
Future planning
Social Emotional Learning
Healthy Culture
  • Schoolwide Implementation of SBE to improve the system to positively impact students
  • Strengthen literacy instruction in all disciplines to increase student achievement.
  • School Wide system and strategies to positively impact student engagement behavior.
Critical Initiative
  • "Aligning specific learning targets or “I can” statements directly to standards and proficiency scales/rubrics. "
  • "Communicating with students and parents proficiency expectations in a manner that guides learning. "
  • "Creating and refining proficiency scales that capture the learning progression for prioritized standards or benchmarks. "
  • Grab n Go's
  • Measuring student performance by developing learning activities, assignments, and common assessments driven by the standards.
  • "Reviewing previously created proficiency scales to ensure learning activities, instructional design, resources, and performance on assessment are accurately depicted. "
  • Using the language of the standards or “I can” statements (teachers and students) when explaining learning and offering feedback.
Critical Initiative
  • "Accessing the data related to the current reading levels of students, utilizing MAP, STAR, and ACT scores. "
  • Creating more engaging and motivating classrooms, and interacting with students in a way that promotes internal motivation for reading.
  • Differentiate in the content-area, providing readings written at different levels of difficulty that communicate information on similar topics so all students have the opportunity to be challenged.
  • "Setting and maintaining high standards for the level of text, conversation, questions, and vocabulary reflected in discussions and in reading and writing assignments. "
  • "Strengthening the reading-writing connection to improve student opportunities to reflect on the meaning of text and receive feedback on their reflections. "
  • Utilize instruction and supporting practice that improve the use of effective reading strategies before, during, and after reading. (Scaffolding, AVID Strategies, 7 Strategies of Highly Effective Rea
Critical Initiative
  • Creation of a School Based Mental Health Initiative; providing services by a professional mental health practitioner.
  • "Creation of a schoolwide advisory system "
  • "Positive recognition system "
  • "Quality Classroom Management: Schoolwide and Classroom Expectations "
  • Teachers of students with emotional disabilities educated in resource rooms will engage in coaching and feedback sessions provided by Safe and Civil Schools.
Key Measures
  • ACT/STAR Data
  • AdvancED Student Survey
  • AdvancED Surveys
  • AP Course Enrollment
  • Attendance % at Grab n Go
  • Danielson Domain 1
  • EWS Report
  • Graduation Rate
  • Instructor Goal Achievements in Talent Ed
  • PLC Audit
  • PLC Goals
  • PLC Presentations
  • PLC Presentations during PD days
  • Standards tied to Assignments in PS
  • Student Engagement Survey
  • Student Feedback
Key Measures
  • AVID Implementation
  • Common Assessments
  • Commons Assessments
  • Learning Walks 6 Mods per month
  • NewsEla Implementation
  • Pre ACT/STAR/ACT Scores
Key Measures
  • BOQ
  • Danielson Domain 2
  • Discipline Referrals
  • EWS
  • EWS Report
  • Honor the Code Results
  • PBIS Walk Through Results
  • Peer to Peer
The Strategy Map has been created in collaboration with The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and Cognia™.

All schools in North Dakota participate in a Continuous Improvement process. Continuous Improvement means examining a school’s current reality including demographics, culture, technology, finances, and academic progress, among many other factors. In addition, Continuous Improvement means looking into the future and predicting what may change – what will be different a year from now, or 10 years from now.


During the 2018-2019 school year, all schools in North Dakota participated in this Continuous Improvement journey. School personnel participated in training and collaborated with diverse stakeholders such as community members, teachers, parents and students to map out what the school’s priorities are, what the school’s objectives are and what critical initiatives needed to be implemented to achieve those objectives. This planning process resulted in a Strategy Map – a 3 to 5-year plan for the school.


It is important to note that the Strategy Map is a snapshot in time. It is documentation of what the school’s priorities were the past school year. In this case the Strategy Map below was captured and submitted on May 1, 2019. It is equally important to note that the Strategy Map below may have changed since its submittal. This is because priorities may have changed quickly depending on numerous factors. Factors can include, but are not limited to, a natural disaster, a high staff turn-over rate, or an influx or decrease of students. To obtain a copy of this schools current and update Strategy Map, please contact the local school administrator.

Please contact North Dakota's Department of Public Instruction with any questions and feedback via email to the following address: