Download Insights Data

The Insights Data Download feature allows users to perform their own research on some of the datasets that drive the charts and graphs in this site.

To make a data request, please select the dataset you wish to download, provide a valid email, and agree to the terms before proceeding. A link to download your file will be emailed to the address provided. This link will be good for 7 days. Files are exported in Excel (Open XML - XLSX) format.

Please note: This data has potentially identifiable data removed, or converted to a range of values. As population sizes decrease, the liklihood that suppression is needed increases.

For questions concerning K12 Education Data, please contact the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction:

Phone: 701-328-2260

For all other questions you may contact ITD Statewide Longitudinal Data System:

E-mail: SLDS@ND.Gov
Phone: 701-328-4470

Education Data


SLDS De-Identified Information Data Use Agreement

Under state and federal law de-identified information from the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) may be used only for statistical purposes. Any attempt to determine the identity of any student, parent, or other individual whose information is contained in a de-identified dataset is prohibited by Federal law and will result in the violator being prohibited from access to personally identifiable information from education records for at least five years. If an individual who attempts to determine the identity of any person whose information is contained in a de-identified dataset is a public servant, the individual could be subject to prosecution under N.D.C.C. ยง 12.1-13-01 for disclosure of confidential information in violation of a public duty.

The SLDS follows recommended procedures to de-identify individuals whose records are contained in the dataset you have requested. All direct identifiers, as well as any characteristics that might lead to the identification of an individual are removed or modified in the dataset to protect the identity of the individuals whose records are contained in the dataset.

Any attempt to identify an individual whose records are contained in the dataset you have requested is a violation of this Agreement. Therefore, as a condition for access to this dataset you agree to:

  • Use the data in this data set for statistical purposes only.
  • Make no attempt to identify any individual, and if the identity of an individual is discovered inadvertently, to notify the SLDS immediately of any such discovery.
  • Not to link any information in this dataset with personally identifiable information from any other SLDS dataset or any other dataset.