Map Name: 2023-2024 Powers Lake Elementary Continuous Improvement Plan
Time Period: 5/1/2023 - 4/30/2024

Developing respectful, accountable, inclusive learners serving others is the heart of student success at the Powers Lake School.


The Powers Lake School challenges and encourages all students to become independent lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and effective decision-makers who are productive members of society.


The Powers Lake School Community believes that its students are to be engaged learners who are respectful of others, held accountable, and taught the value and importance of serving those around them.

Stakeholder Engagement
Enhance involvement of family and community stakeholders.
Teaching and Learning
Improve student achievement by improving core programming and instruction.
Choice Ready
Prepare students to graduate Choice Ready.
  • Enhance the involvement of family and community stakeholders by providing engagement activities and connecting families to needed support services.
  • Increase student achievement through strengthening core instruction.
  • 100% of students will have Essential Skills in order to be Choice Ready.
Critical Initiative
  • Increase family involvement in school-related activities by adding an additional staff member whose duties include being the Family Engagement Coordinator.
  • Providing stakeholder engagement surveys yearly and analyzing results.
Critical Initiative
  • Implement differentiated instruction strategies.
  • Provide training on techniques for differentiated instruction and collaboration time to discuss strategies.
  • Use MTSS Pathways to identify and provide interventions
Critical Initiative
  • Students will be certified in CPR in the secondary level
  • To ensure students are on track for Juniors will earn a cut score of 31 or higher on the ASVAB, data will be tracked to ensure students are receiving necessary interventions at the elementary level.
Key Measures
  • Administer additional surveys to analyze results
  • Attendance at family engagement events
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Attendance
  • Surveys completed.
  • Track number of families served
Key Measures
  • Fall to Spring performance on the MAP and STAR
  • Progress monitoring and benchmark assessments
  • Spring to Spring performance on MAP and STAR
  • Teachers will make accommodations and modification
School Climate
Strengthen school culture by building relationships to ensure each student has a trusted adult to connect with.
  • Strengthen school culture by building relationships.
Critical Initiative
  • Extend the Check and Connect Program to more studies who qualify based on attendance, behavior and course performance.
  • Increasing relationships between staff and students.
  • Provide training for staff on techniques for building positive relationships.
Key Measures
  • Data tracking through the Check and Connect App
  • Implement Boys & Girls Learn Differently Training
  • Relationship Mapping Training & Implementation
The Strategy Map has been created in collaboration with The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and Cognia™.

All schools in North Dakota participate in a Continuous Improvement process. Continuous Improvement means examining a school’s current reality including demographics, culture, technology, finances, and academic progress, among many other factors. In addition, Continuous Improvement means looking into the future and predicting what may change – what will be different a year from now, or 10 years from now.


During the 2018-2019 school year, all schools in North Dakota participated in this Continuous Improvement journey. School personnel participated in training and collaborated with diverse stakeholders such as community members, teachers, parents and students to map out what the school’s priorities are, what the school’s objectives are and what critical initiatives needed to be implemented to achieve those objectives. This planning process resulted in a Strategy Map – a 3 to 5-year plan for the school.


It is important to note that the Strategy Map is a snapshot in time. It is documentation of what the school’s priorities were the past school year. In this case the Strategy Map below was captured and submitted on May 1, 2019. It is equally important to note that the Strategy Map below may have changed since its submittal. This is because priorities may have changed quickly depending on numerous factors. Factors can include, but are not limited to, a natural disaster, a high staff turn-over rate, or an influx or decrease of students. To obtain a copy of this schools current and update Strategy Map, please contact the local school administrator.

Please contact North Dakota's Department of Public Instruction with any questions and feedback via email to the following address: