Williston School District

These graphs show the proficiency rates of students who have taken either the North Dakota State Assessment or the state’s Alternate Assessment (Dynamic Learning Maps) administered to grades 3-8, and 11.

The graphs below show the percentage of students who were enrolled at least 120 school days in 2017 and participated in taking the state assessments in the subject areas of English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science. The scores below show how students performed in each of the following four achievement levels:

  1. Advanced. Demonstrates exemplary understanding and exceeds expected level of performance.
  2. Proficient. Demonstrates understanding and meets expected level of performance.
  3. Partially Proficient. Demonstrates an emerging or developing level of understanding and performance.
  4. Novice. Attempt made; however, lack of understanding and performance is evident.

Note: The North Dakota State Assessment for Science is administered to students in grades 4, 8, and 11.

To protect student privacy, data for schools who have less than 10 students will not be displayed.

How to use these charts:
Under the “Demographics”, you can choose to filter the charts by subject, school year, and other demographics in comparing student achievement results.