May-Port Cg Public School District

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Student Participation

Showing the percentage of students who participated in Dual Credit or Early Entry out of those who were eligible to particapte (Grades 9-12).

Showing the percentage of students who recieved passing grades (A, B, C, S) in Dual Credit or Early Entry out of those that participated.

ND high school students can be eligible to earn college credit while in high school via “dual credit” / ”early entry” coursework offered through a college or university. This interactive dashboard displays such college coursework taken by ND high school students via specifically ND public colleges and universities (North Dakota University System institutions). Typically these college courses taken while enrolled in high school are considered dual credit (student receives high school and college credit) but in some cases, only credit at the college-level is awarded. To compute the percent of the high school students enrolled in NDUS college courses, the denominator reflects the count of  high school students enrolled daily from September to May in grades 9-12 in a given school year. There are a few high schools with a narrower range of grades (such as Minot Magic City which is 11-12 grade only).


  • There are private colleges offering dual credit/early entry courses to high schools that are not reflected in these data (University of Jamestown and University of Mary are both known to be offering college courses to high school students). Transfer credits from out-of-state colleges would not be reflected in these data either.
  • This does not include courses that are taken as Advanced Placement only. The course must be taken in conjunction with a North Dakota University System college or university for a student to be included here.

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